• Isolator - Four Pole(FP)

  • About Product

    Tirupati Internationals introduces the new Isolators rating from 16 A, 32A & 63 A. Electrical Distribution needs are continuous residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Improved operational safety, continuity of service, greater convenience and operating cost have assumed a tremendous significance. Tirupati Internationals incorporates features like Inscription Window, Safety Terminal, Large Cable terminals, Bi stable Clip, Positive Contact Indication, Field fittable Auxiliary Contacts & Air Circulation.

    Product Spefications

    Specification Description
    Ampere Ratings 16A, 32A, 63A
    Execution Isolator - Four Pole (FP)
    Specification IEC 60898 / IS:8828


    Safety Terminal-To Ease Wiring and Ensure Correct Termination
    Positive Contact Indication
    Bistable Clip-Easy DIN Rail extraction from Busbar System
    Current limiting design for short circuit fault clearance up to 10000 AMPS.
    Low power consumption, thus cost effective & energy saving.
    Heavy contacts to bear Mechanical / Electrical operations upto 50000 times.
    Tough fire resistant body.
    All range ISI marked.