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Tirupati International is a growth oriented, state-of-the-art company known throughout the country for its quality products, engineering expertise and manufacturing capabilities. An inherent vigorous desire to grow is the key factor in the rapid expansion of Tirupati International since its inception. The growth of the network and electrical markets offers unlimited potential for Tirupati International. We are taking part in this growth by developing both existing and new markets throughout the world and broadening our product lines to meet the expanding requirements of our customers.

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Tirupati International have a wide variety of engineered component solutions of CABLE TIES India's leading manufacturer and supplier of Running Capacitors, Oily Capacitors, Starting Capacitors, KVAR Capacitors , and leading manufacturer of MCB ( Single Pole, Double Pole, Trople Pole, Four Pole) & Isolators (Double Pole, Triple Pole, Four Pole).. Because of our involvement in the wiring accessories and electronic component parts business and our continuous dialogue with the Electrical-Electronic Industry at every level, we are aware of today's and tomorrow's needs, and are able to put our experience and knowledge to assist the customer in choosing the right product for a specific application. Tirupati International is your one- stop source for virtually all your fastening needs, whether standard or customized. Novoflex products are used by customers in Automobile, Aviation, Telecommunications, Original Equipment Manufacture, Construction, Consumer Durables, Couriers & Logistics, Electric Metering, Ups & Power Supplies, Utilities, Maintenance and Repair Operations, Office/Factory Automation, Transportation, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Chemicals, Shipping, Railways, Oil Exploration, Retail Markets etc. If you don't find what you are looking for in our website, please give us a call for giving us a chance to design and develop exactly what you want.

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